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Our Company's Commitment to Quality

  1. Communication
    Our view of effective communication is not to simply inform about the past or present situation. Our desire is to also inform about possible surprises we may encounter through the completion of your project. Surprises can result in higher costs and we have safeguards in place to keep surprises to a minimum.
  2. Precision
    Naturally any Craftsman desires the finished product to show precision on the surface but precision truly takes shape below the surface. For our team, precision starts long before your project is underway. We provide precise estimates, precise schedules and follow precise procedures to ensure a superior product for our customers.
  3. Knowledge
    The home remodeling industry is constantly evolving. We stay plugged in to publications and forums to insure that we are up to date with the latest in design, conservation, energy efficiency and installation materials and methods. However, we are not the test market for new products. Our methods and materials are tried and true.
  4. Patience
    Racing against the clock can be thrilling and who doesn't love a tight deadline? It's a wonderful feeling to make it right in the nick of time but we appreciate patience and precision over pressure and profanity! Our number 1 priority is quality. Speed is created through our precise procedures and professional Craftsman.
  5. Procedure
    We operate according to a rule book. We don't commit to memory things that can be written in a procedural manual and accessed daily on our project sites! Each day starts by reviewing the details of tasks to complete your project! We maintain detailed project schedules and document the materials used for your project for future reference.
  6. Character
    Both positive and negative thinking are contagious! Our collective goal as a company is to raise standards all around us. We want your home to be beautiful, safe and comfortable. Our customers are thrilled with their completed project but many times they are sad to see us go. Our team members are principled, positive and professional.
Further, We can not speak more highly of Robert. His broad experience, expertise, attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensured that each of the projects- ranging from framing, hanging and finishing drywall, electrical repairs, and tiling- was completed to our full satisfaction.  He was very personable; easy to work with; diligent; and more than willing to engage us and share his ideas and reccomendations, partiularly with respect to the best ways to approach the fire place update.  In every case, Robert treated our home as though it was his own.  We would not hesitate to work with him again.
                                                 Jan M. 
We did a large basement finishing project to create a living space for Mom.  You could tell that the men working on the project really cared about how the finished project came out.  We had an outside architect design the space and throughout the project there were a couple issues that the company brought to our attention where the architect had designed something that was not going to work out well for Mom.  One of the situations was in a room we built for Mom to do her art projects.  The project lead came upstairs and asked my Wife and I if we could come look at something.  Before he came and got us he had made marks on the floor and made cardboard cut outs the same sizes as the cabinets going into the room.  First he showed us how the room would be laid out if he placed the walls and cabinetry where the architect specified.  On paper it looked fine but Robert showed us what reality looked like and it was not going to work.  Then he used the marks and cardboard cut outs he made to give us 2 different and much better options.  They could have done what they were paid to do and followed the architects instructions but later when the cabinetry was installed we would have realized the architects mistakes and would have had to tear out finished work and find a new solution.  We we're impressed to say the least.  The worker's double checked the architect before they built walls and it saved us thousands of dollars.  Exceptional forethought!                  
                                                             Paul C.  

​It was awesome to have you do so many different types of projects so that we didnt have to call multiple companies!   
​                                         Sara W.

The guys were all very personable and considerate.  They left our house as clean as they found it and we are so satisfied with the work they did.
​We are so happy to have someone we can always call to get these things done for us!

                                       Susan O. 
​Robert and his crew were great to work with.

                                            Karen F.